Everyone Wants To Be A Pro Wrestling Fan…When It’s Convenient


(Pro wrestling fans get knocked for being passionate, but fans such as this in other sports are praised)

Let’s face it, pro wrestling fans get a bad wrap. Yes some deserve it, and much worse for that matter, but most are unfairly judged, mainly by those who have no clue what it means to people. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, wrestling fans have to deal with snide remarks, laughs, and snickers from people who are above that “fake crap”. That is, until pro wrestling rears its’ ugly head into the mainstream and it is no longer easy to just brush aside. That is when everyone wants to join the gravy train and be a part of a subculture that gets mocked and ridiculed 90% of the time.

Take for instance, the date March 16th. Reformat that date and you get 3/16, or 3:16, the calling card of the most popular wrestler of all time and crossover superstar, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Everybody knows who old “Stone Cold” is. That beer-drinking, bird-flipping, Stunner-giving, former multi-time World Champion and host of a bunch of outdoorsy type shows on some hillbilly channel. When that calendar hits 3/16, that’s when we start to see more memes, posts, and statuses about Austin than normal. That is also when that guy that has been calling you a “weirdo” because you watch WWE RAW on Monday’s wishes you a “Happy Stone Cold Day” without sounding condescending. 3/16 is the date when hipster Brad that normally “can’t believe you watch that male soap opera”, posts a Facebook status that reads, “Let’s go pound some beers and Stun our bosses today 3:16 Whoooo”. Sorry guys, you’re not allowed to do that, You don’t get to talk greazy about us all year round, yet try to join our party in an attempt to douchify one of our heroes. Oh no no no!

Where were you in the early 90’s when pro wrestling was pretty damn shitty? Where were you when the “PG Era” began and we were bracing for an unwanted change to our weekly entertainment? Where were you when Owen Hart died? Do you even know who Owen Hart is? We do, and we were right here watching each and every single week because WE LOVE PRO WRESTLING! Not because it’s trending. Not because it’s what everyone is doing just for today. It is because pro wrestling is part of our fabric. It is part of who were are and has been a part of us for longer than we can remember. We live it, we support it, we are enthralled by it, and we can’t live without it. Needless to say, we really don’t appreciate you bastardizing it.


(Steve Austin-targeted by hipster douchebags more and more each year to make him one of their own)

Although March 16th is past us now, we aren’t quite out of the woods yet. Wrestlemania season is upon us and don’t you worry, some of your wrestling-hater co-workers that don’t know the difference between a wrist lock and a wristwatch will be inquiring if they can attend your viewing party. Why wouldn’t they? Every news outlet will be talking about it the next day. It will be a trending topic on Twitter for days. Of course these phonies want to feel a part of something AWESOME, just as long as they aren’t labeled as one of those goofball “rasslin’ fans”. Don’t worry guys and gals. YOU are the realest people out there. YOU are the ones who aren’t afraid to like something that gives you joy while some boner busts your chops about it because he had a shitty childhood and never got a chance to be a Hulkamaniac. YOU are the ones that get to develop bonds and friendships with people in your area and all around the world, solely brought together by this “phony shit”. Never let anyone that is knocking you for loving something get to you. Don’t let them win. Besides, they have some really bad self-esteem issues they need to be dealing with in the first place.

Hold your head up high wrestling fans. This is your time of year and your time to shine. The fakes will weed themselves out, but I urge you to not let these types of people off so easy. Tell them what they are missing. Ask them what they liked about wrestling before they “grew out of it”. Show them just how relevant pro wrestling still is. If they still give you shit, give them the ol’ “Stone Cold One Finger Salute” and tell them to fuck off and go jerk off on an NCAA bracket or something.  Pro wrestling is yours. It’s a private party anyway and they aren’t invited.

-Dom Vitalli

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