On this week’s BONUS EPISODE, host Dom Vitalli sits down with wrestler/promoter and all around good guy, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. Listen in as the two of them discuss all facets of the professional wrestling business including, psychology, story-telling, believability, booking, and running a town successfully on a weekly basis. This conversation sheds great insight on what it takes not only to be a successful wrestler, but a promoter as well. It’s a must listen for any pro wrestler or anyone else trying to work their way into the industry.

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  1. Rose Bahrns

    Hi, just got through listening to this podcast with Greg Anthony.I am his Grandmother better known as The Golden Granny.I am very proud of him and all he has accomplished..He used to sit on my lap and watch it with me,I get to go every weekend to see him Wrestle. I really enjoyed this Interview. I have been a Wrestling fan 70+ years. Thank you.

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