We try to start this week’s show on a more humorous note, as we delve into the hate for the New York Yankees. Where does it come from and why? Dom Vitalli breaks it down. He also covers Playboy’s first transgender Playmate, hugging it out with Nazis, Lonzo Ball getting bullied in his debut, comedians having to tread lightly, and “banned” Halloween costumes. In our “Words of Wisdom” segment this week, Dom offers some great advice from Rich Roll on how important action is to change your physical or mental well being. The “Assignment of the Week” asks us all to reach out, yet again. It might be repetitive, but it works! All of this and so much more! Please don’t forget to subscribe, LIKE, and leave a review.


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  1. Stone

    People don’t hate New York teams as much as their evangelical proselytizing fans. I’ve liked the Knicks since their rivalry with Indiana but would kill myself if I had to talk to a New Yorker about it.

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