Episode 20: Bastard Superkicks, White House Invites, and Millenials

Episode #20 is here and we got just what you need!  We cover the unfortunate situation with Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia, briefly discuss the WWE event from this past weekend at Madison Square Garden, the bastardization of the Superkick, the false importance of White House invites, and the infamous “Selfie Girls”.  We also pay homage to the late, great Brian Pillman on the anniversary of his passing.  This, the Follow/Recommendation of the Week, and so much more as always.  Don’t forget to subscribe, review, LIKE, share, and pass the word!



Episode 19: School Talks, Remembering a Friend, and Crotch Shots

Dom takes some time in Episode #19 this week to remember a good friend of the pro wrestling business.  He also offers some life advice for those struggling with staying positive and/or struggling with addiction.  On the lighter side, Dom covers his recent speech for high school kids, a bully getting put in his place, how Ronda Rousey’s stock is falling quicker than you think, and the awesomeness of Juliette Lewis.  All this, of course the Follow of the Week, and so much more.  Don’t forget to subscribe, leave a review, and share!!




Episode 18: Nothing to Prove Podcast

We are back this week after a long travel weekend for Episode #18.  Dom gives details about his experiences over the weekend regarding PREMIER and Supreme Pro Wrestling.  Listen as he shares the brilliance of Timothy Thatcher and the great humility of the northern California independent wrestling scene.  Dom also shares some insight on pro wrestling training, fans crossing the barriers at sporting events, the Nick Diaz controversy, and Ben Carson’s recent polarizing comments.  All this, the Follow of the Week, and so much more!!  Don’t forget to download, share, LIKE, and spread the word!





Episode 17: Nothing to Prove Podcast

Episode #17 kicks off this week just as strong as the football season as we discuss the good, and not-so-good fans that come with it. Dom discusses doing what you love and not knocking those that don’t have the same interests, another Punk Ass Kid on the Texas high school gridiron, and the perils of high school and college athletes. We also break down the Williams sisters US Open circus show, another NXT Diva’s past social media posts coming back to haunt her, and a Follow of the Week for true wrestling fans. We also announce the winner of our first giveaway!!! Download now!

NTP – Episode 16: Wacky Week In Pro Wrestling, Giveaways, and Punk Ass Kids

There is a lot to talk about this week, especially in the world of pro wresting.  We waste no time and get right into it.  Listen to Dom’s controversial comments on the PWI 500 list, more on the Hulk Hogan/racist comments fallout, Jimmy Snuka’s alleged murder wrap, the WWE Performance Center shooting, Nazi-sympathizing Divas, and more.  Dom also gives full details on how to with some cool giveaways this week, and we also give you the heads up on some punk ass kids.  All this, the Follow of the Week, and so much more.  Don’t forget to LIKE, subscribe, Share, and spread the word!


Episode 15: Nothing to Prove Podcast

Episode #15 is here and kicks off with some big news regarding the expansion of the podcast! Join host Dom Vitalli as he also breaks down the diminished value of the MTV Video Music Awards, the direct correlation between fantasy football and Dungeons & Dragons, as well as the stupidity of the “Deez Nutz” movement. You also will not want to miss the debut of a new segment entitled, “Dumb Ass Criminals” and a Follow of the Week that can help you not look like an idiot. All this and so much more! Please don’t forget to subscribe, LIKE, and leave a review of the show.

Episode 14: Nothing to Prove Podcast

This week’s show comes right out of the gate with the first “Nothing to Prove Public Service Announcement”, which can be most helpful to the average Joe. Dom also covers the laziness and awesomeness of some wrestling fans, quick thoughts on WWE SummerSlam, the latest off the field NFL nonsense, as well as the Ashley Madison hack and the hypocrites it has exposed. What would an NTP episode be complete without a rant about Facebook? This week’s culprit- the Facebook Group. All this, a twist for the Follow of the Week, and so much more. Download and share!!


Episode 13: Nothing to Prove Podcast

This week’s episode comes from Dom’s hometown in upstate New York as he is joined by his childhood friend, Willie Oakes. Listen as Willie takes Dom through his “Danny Tanner List” of things that have been on his mind such as Facebook annoyances, his thoughts on having kids, horse racing, his WrestleMania 26 memories and Bret Hart letdown, and his “OCD”. He also shares some stories growing up with Dom and their hate of fireworks. This episode is an instant classic for sure! Make sure to spread the world.

Episode 12: Nothing to Prove Podcast

Episode 12 is LIVE and not for the faint of heart! Dom gives his reaction to the Republican Debate and the showstopper himself, Donald Trump. Hear his controversial take on much of the subjects covered in the debate, as well as a preview of next week’s episode from New York. Dom also gives a lesson in true hip-hop while paying homage to the late Sean Price as well as showing respect to Dr. Dre. We also cover the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death and the effect it has had on the nation. All this, a public service Follow of the Week, and so much more. Subscribe and review today!


Episode 11: Nothing to Prove Podcast

With some much going on this week, we come right out of the gate hard and are fired up! This week we discuss the passing of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, UFC 190 and maybe an unpopular view of Ronda Rousey. We also lay into Dana White for his sour comments regarding pro wrestling, touch on the Cecil the Lion feeding frenzy, the Wilmer Flores/New York Mets trade fiasco, and the stupidity of NFL player Sheldon Richardson. This, a special take on the Follow of the Week, and much more. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!