Episode 11: Nothing to Prove Podcast

With some much going on this week, we come right out of the gate hard and are fired up! This week we discuss the passing of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, UFC 190 and maybe an unpopular view of Ronda Rousey. We also lay into Dana White for his sour comments regarding pro wrestling, touch on the Cecil the Lion feeding frenzy, the Wilmer Flores/New York Mets trade fiasco, and the stupidity of NFL player Sheldon Richardson. This, a special take on the Follow of the Week, and much more. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Episode 10: Nothing to Prove Podcast

Greetings from the road! Episode #10 this week comes to you live from the highway as Dom welcomes back returning co-host Gabriel Gallo with a special appearance by Bennie the Greenback. Listen as the guys discuss their weekend at Pro Wrestling Bushido, the creation of the “No Abs Club”, the current controversy surrounding the immortal Hulk Hogan, thoughts on Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, how to survive on $6.9 million per year, and overzealous autograph seekers. The guys also answer some of the questions you sent in and the Follow of the Week returns. All this and so much more. Spread the word!!

Episode 9: Nothing to Prove Podcast

A battered and bruised Dom Vitalli is back for Episode #9. He give an update on his latest injuries as well as reviews the recent box office blockbuster, “Trainwreck” starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader. Dom also discusses WWE Battleground, the ESPY Awards, Ronda Rousey trolling Floyd Mayweather, breaking down MLB Franchise 4, and so much more!

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Episode 8: Nothing to Prove Podcast

There has been a lot going on this week and Dom is back to share his insight on the latest news and events. Hear him discuss San Diego Comic-Con, the latest UFC event and their drawing power, the Bill Cosby controversy, the negative stigma of adult entertainment, the legal troubles of the Florida State University football team and how it may impact recruitment. Dom also goes off on people that unknowingly post faux news stories, as well as defends Dave Grohl. All this and more on Episode #8!  Tell a friend.

Episode 7: Bonus Ep w/Guest co-host Gabriel Gallo

On this bonus episode of the podcast, Dom welcomes his tag team partner, “The King of No Rules” Gabriel Gallo as his co-host. Listen in as the two share their UNCENSORED thoughts on John Cena, finishing moves, the Bill DeMott controversy, the lack of thick skin and proper training in most talent today, the struggles/sacrifice of wrestlers, and how to earn a spot on a card. The guys also explain the difference between “good” fans and “bad” fans, how not everyone deserves to be a pro wrestler, what sets the successful guys apart from the rest, thoughts on Tough Enough, and inter-gender wrestling matches. It’s uncut, unrehearsed, and RAW!!

Episode 6: Nothing to Prove Podcast

Dom Vitalli is back with Episode #6 of the Nothing To Prove Podcast! This week, Dom revisits the obsession with fireworks and someone potentially losing $15 million dollars because of them, fair-weather soccer fans, thoughts on the WWE Network special, “Beast in the East”, NBA free agency, and the decline of the large market team. Dom also gets fired up about a common mistake many wrestlers are making in trying to promote themselves. You DO NOT want to miss this!

Episode 5: Nothing to Prove Podcast

Episode #5 is live!  This week, Dom fills you in on the Arizona Wrestling Federation as well as closes the book on the whole Confederate Flag/Gay Marriage social media takeover. We also discuss the absurdity of WWE’s Tough Enough, the perks of a faux NBA Draft pick, world-changing condoms, fireworks being overrated, the Follow of the Week and much much more!


Episode 4: Nothing to Prove Podcast

Dom Vitalli is back for episode #4 of the NTP Podcast!  Hear his take on speaking to kids in schools, the recent H2O show in Mesa, AZ, his trip to Destiny Wrestling in Albuquerque and the deadly “Elk Alley”. Dom also shares his thoughts on the Confederate Flag controversy, Alex Rodriguez’ 3000th hit milestone and the owner of that ball, as well as a lawn decorating hero for the masses.  This, the Follow of the Week, and so much more!

Episode Three: Dom Vitalli is here to stir the pot

Dom Vitalli is back for Episode #3 and out to stir the pot! Hear his thoughts on how John Cena proved him right, the death of the “finishing move” in wrestling, wrestlers destroying their bodies, his interesting and intense take on the Caitlyn Jenner situation, thoughts on LeBron James and his ego, the Stanley Cup Final, and this week’s Follow of the Week!



Episode Two: Dom is back with details from his trip to Premier Wrestling and more

Dom talks Entourage

Dom Vitalli is back for Episode #2. Hear details on his trip to Premier Wrestling, thoughts on some up and coming stars, the lost art of the referee, kids using cell phones in school, the Power Twins, the Entourge movie, the Follow of the Week, and the highly anticipated “10 Ways To Spot A Douchebag!