Episode 120: Should It Stay or Should It Go, Speaking Up, and Tidying Up Your Side of the Street

The chaos continues, but not for us. Join host Dom Vitalli this week as he covers the latest on the “War on Statues”. Should they stay or should they go? Where does Missy Elliott and the Runnin’ Reb fall into this argument? Dom also chats about the “dangers” of this week’s total eclipse, a singer calling out a dirtbag, Cleveland’s pleas to make Lebron James stay, as well as a “POS of the Week”. This week’s “Words of Wisdom” give you the tools you need to keep your side of the street clean. For our “Assignment of the Week”, we are asking our listeners to help out a friend of the show in need during a tough time. All of this and so much more! Please don’t forget to subscribe, LIKE, and leave a review.

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