Episode 126: Love For Puerto Rico, Hef Passes Away, and Battling Depression Together

This week, Dom expresses his thanks and gratitude to the great people all over the world who are lending a helping hand to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. Listen, as he calls to attention what is really important; human lives. We also discuss a pro wrestling hold being used to win an MMA fight, O.J. Simpson being set free, and the fallout from the death of Hugh Hefner. Was he a good guy, or a bad guy? Be careful who’s story you listen to. Our “Words of Wisdom” segment gets personal, as Dom shares his recent struggles with depression in hopes of inspiring others to keep fighting and reach out for help if needed. The“Assignment of the Week” asks you to choose your battles wisely. All of this and so much more! Please don’t forget to subscribe, LIKE, and leave a review.


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