Episode 170: Your Passion Doesn’t Owe You S*it

In the wake of Suicide Awareness Day, host Dom Vitalli discusses the differences between actual depressed/suicidal individuals and the negative attention seekers who are exploiting a very serious issue.  Listen as he breaks down the differences between feeling sad and feeling utter despair,  how bad days don’t mean a bad life, losing in all aspects with a negative outlook, and the application of the infamous ‘no bad days, just bad minutes’ technique.  The  “Words of Wisdom” this week are helped by Joey “Coco” Diaz and the idea that your passion does not owe you anything, forcing yourself to work when you feel your worst, and the abundance of delusional individuals when it comes to work ethic.  All of this, your “Assignment of the Week” and so much more!  Please don’t forget to subscribe, LIKE, and leave a review.


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